Need help copying a Cd to make it 100% original



hi people im a noob and i need help
i just got a program off my teacher and its for a test run got to give it back soon i installed it and copied the program using nero but when i use it
i says i need original disc instead of a back up (1000) and told me to go to

i am wondering how can i copy this Program 100%? so i can save 50 euros on the program cause its in 2 sections for program for full one will be 100 euro and i only need it for 1 year

the Program i am tryin to copy is Digital Grinds
which needs the original Cd to run the program

thx alot

plz reply asap


I´m pretty sure the freaks rules section has handy tips for this case


i dont get u sorry rephrase that could u plz


Plz i need help


Basically if you need it go and buy it.

We don’t help people to copy stuff unless they own it. Regardless if they only need to use it for 1 day or for a lifetime.