Need help coping The Sims On Holiday

Im a newbie here and I need some help and Im sorry if I am posting this in the wrong forum.

I need to make a copy of The Sims On Holiday.

When I tried to make a copy with it on version 4 of clone cd it copied it in the read image file mode and then i copied it to a cd but when I got around to using it the normal startup menu came up I then tried to load it up as normal but then this error came up and it cut and it would’nt work.

The is


Please can someone help me to get around this problem.

I would thankful to anyone who can give me any help or advice.

Please read the sticky threads on this forum (check my signature) and use our search button. This question has been asked many times and answered just as many times. Your game uses a new version of a protection called SafeDisc 2 (you game has version number 2.51.021) and it hard to copy for a lot of recorders. If you can’t figure this one out yourself please post again with more information on your system (especially writer and model). Good luck!

Thanks for replying.

My cd writer is an LG but I can’t find out which model it is.

But the copy of sims on holiday will run on my cd re-writer but it would not run on my DVD ROM DRIVE.

I lend to a friend and it wouldn’t work on his dvd rom drive or his cd re-writer.