Need Help-ConvertX keeps shutting down



My ConvertXtoDVD (and my whole laptop) shuts down in the middle of a conversion. This just started happening. It is not my power settings on my laptop as I have left other programs running for hours and it is fine. But every time I start a conversion and come back in 30-40 mins., the entire computer is off. Any ideas???


Hi there,

Converting video is very CPU intensive, therefore generates a whole bunch of heat.

I think your Laptop is overheating and reboot.

Try a conversion, by blowing air on your laptop with a big fan, see if it helps.


I found if you open convertx, and go to settings at the top, then video processing, at the bottom of this screen there is Multi processer max number of used cores, change this number to 1. Press OK. This should fix the problem.