Need help converting vhs to dvd

I sure would appreciate any suggestions here. I purchased an Emerson DVD Recorder/VCR for the purpose of transferring my old camcorder vhs home movies over to DVD. My original thought was once I got them onto DVD then I would be able to bring them over to my computer and edit to clean them up
add some effects and reburn them to DVD. Well imagine my surprise after I finally figured out how that darn machine worked, I put the disk into my DVD burner on my computer and couldn’t figure out how to work with that TS_Video file.- What should I do next?

Totally frustrated

The content is in the correct VIDEO DVD format.

Use a dvd authoring tool.

I have a similiar deal, I would like to transfer some of my VHS tapes via a VCR to DVD using my PC DVD Burner [ LiteON ] I guess I need to install a capture card [ looks like several hundred to choose from ]. I assume there is software to make all this work, and is it possible to pause the DVD recording feature, if you have to change VHS tapes in the VCR

Maybe buying a litte external transcoder/capture box for approx. $60 is the better way.
They either give output in mpeg2 or mpeg4 formats. :wink: