Need Help Converting File!

new to the forum, Hi all!! I have dvd decrypter and dvd shrinker when I get the movie file I want from the dvd to my fancy thinkin box it is a vob file or mpeg file. When I try to burn the files using nero 6, divx, or sonic it doesn’t let me do so. I had to use a trial version of divx converter to convert then burn them. Is there any free program that will convert the vob or other dvd file to a file that these burner programs will read.

And what now you’d like exactly to do?
Converting mpeg to dvd video files or dvd video files to a single mpeg?

convert the dvd files to mpeg files or any other file that I can use to burn on a disc. I tried to burn the files onto disc but they won’t work. After it’s burnt the disc doesn’t read.

You can burn the video dvd files to your disc without a problem, you should have a video_ts folder with vob,bup and ifo files. What for error messages you get if you’d like to burn the files?