Need Help Converting DVD to PSP

Hello everyone…I hope someone can help.
I’ve been having trouble converting my DVD movies to PSP.
It’s pretty much hit and miss…and when it does get it…it takes like 5 hours.
I keep getting an error from Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library???
It usually happens after it has done the first pass (which took 5.5 hours).
Can anyone help??
I tried getting a log but there is no log recorded.

No one??

is this only with 2 pass? have you tried 1 pass?


edit// are you using vista?

I was hoping to do it with 2 pass.
One pass works but it still takes 7 hours.
No I’m using XP

Hi AngelsTrojans,

Sorry for your trouble.
My first suggestion would have been to try 1 pass as Troy suggested.

Although converting from mpeg-2 to mpeg-4 is pretty darn labor intensive for your cpu, I see your using XP and I’m guessing you have a fairly up to date system, so you’ve probably ruled out hardware resources as a problem.
Good heavens…7 hours for one conversion…:eek:

The Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error is troubling.
Any further details as to a specific error?
Software conflicts, maybe IE is open and causing problems?
Recent software installs?

Have you tried to uninstall platinum and do a new install from a new download? Maybe try a clean uninstall if still no luck.
Look for a post by StormJumper for a detailed guide.

Does platinum work ok with dvd to dvd?.. no issues?

I’m pretty much a noob with mpeg-4 conversions. Have been doing it since my family gave me an Ipod earlier this year and haven’t had any problems.
I just load it and go.

I’ll try to get some knowledgable folks involved…like good friend signals.
I’ll see if I can get Ting’s attention as well (Fengtao’s dvd to mobile expert).

If you could post a screenshot of your configuration for conversions, it’ll help a great deal.
Sorry I can’t be more help.

Hi and thanks for the reply.
As far as the DVD to DVD I have no problem…30 mins tops.
I have deleted and reinstalled DVDFab and it’s still the same.

When I run DVDFab I always run it by itself…no other open programs.
Send me an email address and i will attach a screenshot.