Need Help connecting Blue Tooth to share a file From Galaxy s22 plus to Desktop PC

i have turned on Blue tooth on my phone and my PC, and they get paired , then when i go to send a file from Phone to PC ( say a photo 3mb ) It says sending unsuccessful or sending failed. i dont know too much about this , there may be some options that are not correctly set, if anyone can help that is familiar with s22 plus or similar, sometimes the pairing doesnt connect too, dont know why. i am doing this at my desk so phone is only 2 feet from PC

If your PC has blue tooth, connecting is only a matter of validating the request and accepting it. If push comes to shove, you can do a file transfer via a USB cable.

I just tried B/T again , so turned on B/T on both devices i tried send a photo from phone to PC and gives send fail error. so then i tried sending photo from PC - Phone and that works, so it is connecting, just something within the phone not sending, so its got me beat. worst case is i just use A cable to do it, but would still like to find out why phone to PC is failing.