Need help compressing audio files

Hello. My husband spoke for 5 weeks and I have 5 audio cds from that. Is there a way I can compress those audio cd’s into 2 or 3 cd’s? I thought about turning them into mp3’s but then there is a chance there are soome who will not be able to play them on a cd player. What can I do to make this hapen? Is it even posssible? I have windows XP home edition and use Nero and Easy cd creator. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks.

Do you know if the CD’s consist of multiple tracks or are they just one big audio file each? When you play them can you skip ahead or back, I don’t mean fastforward, like an audio CD? Do you know what program was used to create them?

An audio CD holds about 80 minutes. You could perhaps speed his speech up without changing the pitch using Audacity, but I doubt you’d be able to gain more than 20% or so that way.

This was recorded in our church. There are several tracks on it. You can skip ahead. There was no porgram that created it. just recored from the church recording equipment. I have 5 cd’s and want to minimize that number into 2 or 3 if possible. Any suggestions? Thanks.

First you need to put get then onto your computer’s hard drive, then you can determine how much CD space you will need. I don’t use nero or easy Cd, so I don’t know what either program is capable of.