Need help choosing new dvd drive(external)

Good Morning Everyone
I am looking to buy a new dvd burner need some help choosing between these 2

LG 18x External Double-Layer DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive GSA-E40L


Samsung 18x External Double-Layer DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive SE-W184M/AMBN

both these are on Best buy site as I need to buy from there because I have gift cards I need to use up

Both are very decent choices. I have had very good results with the LG, especially on picky Verbatim -R media, so that would be my choice, based on burn quality.

thank you for the input one more quick question are they both good readers as well as writers I have a rebadged btc which is now a benq 1620 with over 2000 burns but it on my desktop in office i want it to be as good as the benq. thank you in advance

Depends on what you mean by good reader. Both will read discs in good condition but damaged discs are variable. I never know which of my drives will read the latest bad disc. If you mean speed, the LG is not a fast ripper.