Need help choosing new CDR/CDRW burner esp good w/audio

I’ve been struggling to get decent Audio CD’s with the burner that came with my Gateway 500s a few years ago, it’s a Hitachi GB4332b or something to that effect. Anyway, both Nero and Roxio only let me burn in 32x, 16x or 8x on it. I’ve tried several types presently trying TDK blanks I’m getting no error-free disks, they skip and get stuck. The system is a P4, 1.8Ghz w/128Mb RAM (that’s on order already) running Windows XP. I don’t know if the source MP3’s could be causing these problems, but I have been thinking that for the money it would be worthwhile to purchase a new CDR/RW drive. I don’t have the need right now to burn DVD’s and I’m not sure how the current DVD burners perform on audio CD’s if at all. The drives I was looking at were the Plextor Premium and the new LiteOn SOHR-5238S. Can anyone give me any tips as to the advisability of this move re: the drives in question, whether they would help my audio burns, and whether any of the DVD burners would work well in this application? Thanks in advance…

Correction…the drive is actually an LG RW/DVD GCC-4320N…(posted previous from work)…

With the price difference being minimal, I would go with a DVD writer. Maybe your existing burner has seen it’s better days. You might want to look at getting some more RAM also. These days 128 MB is marginal.

I’d say more ram would probably be QUITE helpful. Pipe Man’s RIGHT on the mark there. 128 megs is too little with XP. But perhaps even more important is not having other apps (especialy virus scanners and adware) running in the background, not surfing the web while writing, and having a clean, defraged hard-disk. There are LOTS of tutorials available on the web to help you get that disk, your registry, and spyware/adware cleaned up so you run alot better.

Your machine, EVEN WITH 128 megs is PLENTY to burn good disks so long as it’s not loaded with spyware, adware and/or a fragmented disk, but you REALLY can’t be running ANYTHING else while burning man. If cleaning it up doesn’t help, and you’ve tried different brands of good to HIGH quality media, then and ONLY then would I really suspect the drive. Let us know how you make out, and WELCOME TO CD FREAKS!



Suggest that you try some Taiyo Yuden CD-R media - you can get it from a good vendor/prices at

Then give EAC program a try (I am getting great audio from it) at - the nice thing about it is it is FREE and works great-