Need help choosing NEC, LiteOn, Samsung or Sony



First of all, HI :slight_smile:

My NEC ND-3500 is getting old and cranky, so I’ve been looking for a new dvd-burner. I work at a retailer selling computer hardware, so I can easily get my hands on the following burners:

LiteOn LH-18A1P
LiteOn LH-18A1H
NEC AD-5170
NEC AD-7173
Samsung SH-182D
Samsung SH-183A
Sony AWG170A (same as either AD-5170 or AD-7170, right?)

Any recommendations on these? Im just a regular user, but want a good overall burner. I burn mostly data CD’s/DVD’s, and some backups (basically games/movies). I was originally looking at P-ATA burners, but going S-ATA might be of interest (because of a cleaner “inside” look and better airflow).

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this matter :slight_smile:



out of that collection, I would choose one of those Samsung drives. They are basically the same, main difference is the interface.




If you want [I]functionality[/I], the LiteOn LH-18A1X series are your best bet.
Jitter measurement, TE/FE scans (?), HyperTuning learning mode, Online HyperTuning, third-party firmware support and so on :bigsmile:

If you don’t want LiteOn, you should go for the NEC, as it also has third-party firmware support (from Liggy and Dee). Kudos to L&D for their excellent work, btw :slight_smile:

Samsung burners are like poor forgotten bastard children, they don’t nearly have as much support while they are also Mediatek chipset-based.

NEC and LiteOn (7S series) have also introduced SATA burners although the particular models are few and far between. It may be better to look for those if you need SATA.


:iagree: Me too. I love my Samsung SH-S182D, as I’ve said many times. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum BTW, JallaMann :wink:


Thanks Arachne, and thanks for the replies guys. Cant really say that I’ve made up my mind yet. I’ve had only good experience with earlier NEC, and my old LiteOn CD-burner worked like a charm too. But a friend of mine said something about the SH-S183A being able to read XBOX 360 games with a different FW, can anyone confirm this? Probably getting a X360 sooner or later, so this could be interesting for backups and preserving the originals if needed. I havent seen any S-ATA models from LiteOn or NEC here in Norway yet.


Btw, are there any problems when it comes to optical drives and support for them on current onboard s-ata controllers? I’ve got an Asus A8N SLI-Deluxe nf4 mobo.