Need help choosing a program that will let me add subtitles



Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum and need some help. My grandfather wants to convert all his DVDs 1-by-1 into a single file format that will work with his WD TV device. My idea would be to convert them to AVI format but I can’t find a program that lets met add subtitles so he can hear the movie in english but have spanish subtitles on the bottom of the screen. What software would be the best option to use for this purpose. Could someone please recommend what software I should use to help him convert his DVD library and/or point me in the right direction with a website with information on how to go about doing so.

I also need it to be as easy as possible as my grandfather is in his 60’s and knows how to use a computer alittle more than your average 60 year old but the process can’t be to complicated for him.

Here is a list of the support file formats that the WD TV can support and if anyone has any suggestions on a different format that what I plan please give me some ideas.

WD TV HD Media Player specs:
MPEG1/2/4, WMV9, AVI (MPEG4, Xvid, AVC), H.264, MKV, MOV (MPEG4, H.264)


You might look at Xvid4PSP. It can convert to many different formats, and can be adjusted quite a lot. The program has a fairly easy to use interface, and supports subtitle streams. It is free to use.

It requires Net 3.0, but that is free to install from Microsoft. Only downside is there isn’t much support for it. If you run into a problem, you’ll probably find some information over at

You’ll need to decrypt and rip the movies from the disks to the hard drive first of course. I suggest the free section of DVDFab, called DVDFab HD Decrypter. The free section will continue to work even after the trial period is done, and you can update as new protection schemes come out.


Thanks for the reply Kerry, but is there a piece of software that lets me do everything in one step so it will be easier for my grandfather to use. I don’t want to complicate the process for him.


One step…decryption and all? The only one I can think of would be DVDFab Platinum with the mobile option added on. I don’t use DVDFab, so I’m not very familiar with it in its present configuration. There is a very active DVDFab forum here though, so if you have questions about the program there is plenty of help.

DVDFab has a 30 day trial. I’d download it and test it to see if it will fit what you need to do.