Need help choosing a new BD-RE burner


My Liteon is just too choosy to unreliable to burning media. It will only burn Panasonic 50Gb BD-R as a coasters. I am looking for a 4k BD-R burner. My computer is over 10 years old and will not play 4k BD-ROMs. My next computer will be able to play 4k video. My new 4k burner needs to be a do a quality scan.


4k UHD friendly with 3.01, 3.02 firmware.

Isn’t the Asus a re-badged Pioneer at a slightly higher price ?

Re-badged LG. Not sure about the prices. Picked mine up from Newegg when they were on sale for $53.00. From what I’ve read on this forum the Asus is quite a bit faster at ripping compared to the LG.

It should be able to read and write the video as pure data, if not decode and render it.

@jeffreyp Thanks for your response!

Does the Asus really play 4k BD-Rs?


Your PC has to have certain perimeters to play UHD disks. I have an old i4790k/Gigabyte gaming MB. I can rip to either MKV or mt2 format using AnyDVD or MakeMKV. So best guess would be you have to own a UHD player/burner. Maybe somebody else can chime in. These burners are “UHD friendly” and not a true UHD players