Need help choosing a Lite-on

The more that I read, the more confused I’ve gotten.

I have a new PC coming next week. It will have a Sony DVD burner (I’m not sure which model) and a Pioneer Blu-ray burner in it… I want to add a second DVD burner. I’m thinknig that it should be a LiteOn. At this point, I’m thinking of using the Sony for ripping and the new drive for burning.

I use 3 types of media only. 75% of the time, it’s Taiyo Yuden +R (YUDEN000 T02), 20% of the time it’s Verbatim +R DL (MKM 003 000) and 5% of the time it’s Taiyo Yuden -R (TYG03).

Which LiteOn SATA drive (at Newegg) the best for burning? I don’t need Lightscribe, Labeltag, etc…, but if the burners that have those features are do a better job of burning DVD’s (specifically the above media), I have no problem paying more for the drives with those features.

Based on Dee’s review, I was leaning toward the 524, but subsequent discussions have me concerned about whether Newegg is selling the LiteOn version or the NEC version. I’m also not thrilled that there doesn’t seem to be the same level of firmware support here for the 524 as there is for the rest of the x24 models.

I need guidance. Which of the x24 drives will do the best job with the TY and Verbatim media that I listed above.

I appreciate any help that I can get.

All iHASx24 A or iHASx24 B drives are true LiteONs based on Mediatek chipsets.

All iHASx24 Y drives are AD-724xS Sony Optiarc clones based on NEC chipsets.

All iHAS524 drives are Mediatek based (A or B version), so buying one of these is a guarantee that you won’t get a NEC clone (Y version). Also there’s nothing stopping you to crossflash an iHAS524 A drive into an iHAS124/324 A or even 224/424A (you won’t gain LightScribe by doing so though). You can’t crossflash an A drive to a Y drive or to a B drive; they’re all different. You can however crossflash inside the same family: any x24 to any other x24 drive, but depending on which way you go you might gain or lose some features …

You can also get a true LiteON drive by buying one of the ASUS clones:

  • DRW-24B1ST (iHAS 124/324 A)
  • DRW-24B1LT (iHAS 224/424 A)
  • DRW-24B3ST (iHAS 124/324 B)
  • DRW-24B3LT (iHAS 224/424 B)

In this case you can stick with the ASUS firmware or crossflash to the LiteON one.

By the way, AD-724xS or the AD-726xS Sony Optiarc drives are in fact very good drives and cheaper than the LiteOns. However for quality scanning purposes a Mediatek based drive is the best solution. If you don’t care about quality scans, you should definitely consider the AD-724xS or the AD-726xS as a very good candidate.

Since the media you use is of high quality, all of these drives will write it well.

Thank you. I decided against the Sony Optiarc only because I’m assuming that the Sony burner that will come with my new PC will be an AD-7260S and think that have two different brands/models is always a good idea when it comes to reading problem discs.

With Newegg not making any mention of A/B/Y on the OEM models that they sell, along witht the great review that it got from Dee, I decided to go with the iHAS524-T98A.

Thanks again for your help. You cleared up a lot of confusion for me.