Need help choosing a good dvd recorder

Ive bene looking through lots of sites and reviews, but i dont see any real stand out recorders out there. now what im looking for is somehting in the sub 200 range, but anything around 300 ill consider. having a hd on it would be nice, but not a neccesity. i just want something with good quality recordings and decent editing abilities. a programming guide is somehting ill want too. any suggestions are welcome. also, i wont be using this for archiving any vhs, so thats not an issue, and ill be running digital cable to the recorder. are thier any quality recorders in my price range? thanks.

actaully, the source illl be using is from a satellite box. and i found out i probably will like to archive some old vhs tapes. anyone have any ideas?

any good suggestions out there?