Need Help Choosing a DVD RW

Hello, I’m new here.

I’m going to buy a DVD RW for backing up some important data. I live in South East Asia so there’s not many choices here.

I’m wondering between

Asus DRW-1612BL and Pioneer DVR-112CH.

Which one should I choose?

I like Pioneer because they are famous, have better experience than Asus. However, Asus has a retailer in my country whereas Pioneer doesnt have any.

Also, is there anyway to check whether a drive is geniune or not?

If I choose to buy the Pioneer Drive, it would be an unofficial retailer, so I’m really worried about the quality. I dont know if there’s any “fake” products lying around on market like Plextor or not.

Please help me guys!!!

I can’t remember having seen any fake drives. However, it may be possible that you end up with a drive without warranty or support by the manufacturers.
Both are good drives, if you want 18x burning and the best burn quality you should go Pioneer, if you want three sheep get the Asus.

I will use the drive to write heavy loads of important data.

Also the unauthorized dealer, they have a ten-month warranty. Also if I understand it correctly, three sheeps is kind of copying protected stuff, if it is, then I probably wont need it.

And because I use the drive to store important data, I will write most stuff in 4x speed, so I dont really need the high speed.

However, one thing puzzles my mind. When I search on google, I can only find the Pioneer DVR-112 drive. The dealer said it is Pioneer DVR-112CH. When I search around I only found some Chinese/Unknown Language site.

So what is the differences between DVR-112 and DVR-112CH?

The Pioneer DVR-112CH could be a model specially targeted at the Chinese market, then.
As the CH suffix is on the label, it’s definitely more than just a describing suffix (retail/bulk, black/white and the stuff).
I don’t know what the differences are though (speed specs are the same), but I don’t think it will make a difference in real-world usage though.

Where are you located, btw?

I would suggest the Pioneer because it has a better reputation, the ASUS-designed drives haven’t been around for much time so there is less experience with them.

The 112 is an excellant burner, Sorry but I haven’t seen the 112CH so I can’t help you there. Did you ask the dealer what the CH was?

You might consider burning at 8X as opposed to 4X. Quite a few of the 16X media currently available is no where near as good at 4X, probably due to the older burn strategy. These days, the media is more of an issue than the drive, so you might want to post the options you have (media ID) and see what feedback you get.

I’m in Vietnam. About the dealer, I dont think he knows about it. Most dealers in my country have poor knowledge about technical stuff, that’s why I’m worried about the quality.

After some further searching, I couldnt find any information about “fake” pioneer drivers so it may not exist then.

However, since all my last bucks will be spent on this drive, I would love to be ensured about the quality. Is there any tools that can tell whether a drive is genuine pioneer or not?

Also there’s some people reporting problems with Asus-designed drive, none reports about Asus drive with OEM Pioneer, though.

Well, I dont really understand what you mean by media ID (sry I’m new to those stuff)

If you means the drive, I can get those :

Asus DRW-1814BLT
Asus DRW-1608P
HP 735i/840i
Pioneer DRW-112CH ( maybe 111 too)
Plextor Px-750A/716A/740A

I have not seen any foolproof way to differentiate fakes when it comes to drives. The NEC scandal last year showed that only NEC could tell them apart. The media ID is the code seen through software such as CDSpeed to tell what the media really is. The brand name is generally worthless. If I was going to try and get a drive that was real I would go with an older model, as a manufacturer of fakes would not waste time with an older drive. I would say the Pioneer 111 would be a good choice as well. One thing as well, if you get the Liteon, then you can scan the burns and determine the quality. This would help identify a bad fake and also help to determine the quality of the burn for archival purposes.

Added to evilboy’s suggestion below; the Plextors can scan as well.

If you can get the Plextor PX-[B]716[/B]A (not 740A and not 750A) for a reasonable price, it would also be a good alternative.

The Media ID is the ID that is written on a DVD+/-R(W) during production and helps the drive to identify the right strategy for the write process.
MCC 004 (Mitsubishi Chemical 16x DVD+R),
TYG03 (Taiyo Yuden, 16x DVD-R).

Hmmm so now my choice would be among these 2

Pioneer DVR-112CH
Plextor PX-716A

Well I still dont get it. What does the media ID help in order to find a good drive? Also if I use a no-name blank DVD, Does it have a media ID as well.

And is the DVR-112 a new product? The review’s date is 25/03/2007

It depends on the price and the media. All media should have an ID as this is what the drive firmware uses to determine the write strategy. They don’t all just write the same. Different drives are better with different media, so the choice of the drive is better if you look at the media available first and then match it to the drive that does the best job. I have different drives for different media for just this reason. The Pioneer is relatively new and is the latest Pioneer. It has a few bugs, so the 111 would be a better choice, but again, it depends on the media.

Can you mention some of its bugs?

Anyway, which blank DVD suites the Pioneer drive best? I heard Asus recommend Verbatim. And Pioneer is OEM for Asus so should I choose Verbatim as well.

Also I search through the forum and find a thread about DVR-112CH. People has some kind of test, Drvflash

What are the two tests in that thread and how can I perform them ?

Drvflash is not a test program, it is for flashing firmware. The bugs in the 112 had to do with some drives made last year. I don’t recall exactly, but if you look at the Pioneer forum you could find out. Verbatim is MCC 004 for +R media and MCC 03RG20 for -R. Both are made by Prodisc, CMC, and MBI. Currently, you would want to avoid the Verbatim made in India as they can be a real problem sometimes. If you can get either + or - made in Taiwan, they both are very good with the Pioneer 111 and the 112. I would recommend 8X.

Can you give me the link to Pioneer Forum? My internet connection is buggy atm… it takes 30 mins to load google, around 20 mins to view this thread.

And how can I use that drvflash? just go to command and type it ?

If I’m not mistaken you can’t use dvrflash with the PIONEER 111 or 112 drives. Btw this is the Pioneer forum. :wink:

Oh thanks, I thought he means Pioneer Official Forum and I search through google, no results :D.

And is there a thread on how to use Nero CD-DVD Speed to know about burn quality. I tried to use Search Function but it returns a blank page (maybe my connection is still buggy atm)

Here is a nice guide for CD DVD speed: