Need help choosing a dvd recorder

Im looking to buy a low budget stand alone record for recording from vhs tapes and programs from satellite tv. Any ideas of a good choice from the ones below. or is there a better choice out there?

panasonic DMR-E50s
pioneer DVR-210

So I take it you haven’t looked into getting a burner for your computyer and tyhen a card that would allow satellite tv and vhs burning?

If it were me I’d save my money and buy one with a Hard drive in it too. I got the Panasonic e80 and it’s just fantastic. I use it like a TIVO and it also has a great Time Base Corrector that really cleans up slow speed VHS tapes. You can edit in the machine from the HD then dub it to your blank disk afterwards :slight_smile:
Quite a few makers are doing HD recorders now so the price should keep dropping for even bigger drives and better features.
After I have my master done I can make extra copies for my family easily in my computer.
The machine I have will hold 18 hours of video at max quality and 106 at the lowest setting. The bigger the drive in your machine, the more it can hold, mines a 80 gig.
Best Buy had this machine on clearance for 349 but it’s been on closeout for months so maybe none are left now.