Need help choosing a CR-R burner



Need help choosing a CR-R burner.

Hi I am new here and I need help finding (choosing) a CD-R burner that will work in my old computer.

I am looking for a CD-R burner to go in an old Gateway GP6-450 with Pentium 2 running Win 98SE.
This computer was made in 1999 if that helps any.

Thanks for any help.


Unfortunately, you will not be able to find new burning software which will work on an operating system that old. Recent versions of Nero and Roxio will work only with Windows 2000 or XP (as far as Windows is concerned). Thus, even if you could buy a CD-R burner that could work with 98SE, it would be usable only as a reader unless you happen to find an obsolete, no-longer-supported version of Easy CD Creator or Nero.

And with hardware that old, you might be limited to a 16x CD-R burning speed even if you find the correct software for that old version of Windows.


Ummm… no. I don’t know where you’re getting your information but that is simply untrue. The maximum burning speed is determined by the actual hardware (which can sometimes be updated by a firmware flash). The latest version of Nero 7.0 is nothing but bloatware, you don’t always need the latest version - v6.0 is sufficient. Version 6.0 may or may not work with Win98 - look on Nero’s website for details. Back when I was using Win98, I used Nero 5.0 and had no problems. In fact, I’m using v5.5.10 with XP and have been doing so for the past 4 years.

Nero is just one option. There are plenty of other options available and just because v7.0 isn’t compatible with Win98 doesn’t mean you should be giving advice like that. A quick search on Google will turn up links to several other options - some of which are completely free.

Like this one:

To Ron350:

Most retailers only sell Nero v6.0/ 7.0 these days. If you want v5.0, 5.5, take a look on Ebay or do a Froogle search.

As far as what burner to buy, there’s plenty of good deals for CD-RW drives. You will find people have biased (or unbiased) favorites just like people have favorites for hard drive brand names. It really doesn’t matter for the most part when you’re talking about an operating system that old. Stick to the major brand names and stay away from Mad Dog, IO Magic.

Take a look on New Egg’s – good customer service and excellent reputation. I’ve been buying from these guys for atleast 3 years now and never had a problem.


It also depends on the drive itself. The OP does not need DVD burning. However, if he does get a 52x CD-R burner, he might not be able to use the full 52x burning speed with a slow CPU without risking frequent buffer underruns. (I know, I exaggerated the substantially slower maximum burning speed with such older systems in my last post.) Also, any older version of Nero or Adaptec/Roxio compatible with Win9x may not support some of the newer 52x CD-R burners.


Again - you’re making statements without any substantiated proof. Just throw some confetti up in the air and make it look pretty. Do you actually know what you’re talking about? Is this your day off from school? What version specifically of Roxio or Nero are you talking about hat doesn’t support 52x burning speed? Do you have any actual experience with this or is this what they’re teaching you at the local community college these days?

You say you “exaggerated” the 16x example. Translation: “I fudged some numbers to make it sound like I knew what I was talking about”. What else are you “exaggerating” that we do not know about? What other kind of misleading information are you spewing on the forums?


My mum’s boyfriend has a version of Nero 7 installed on Win98SE. IIRC, he needed a recent version of DirectX before it would install, but that’s about it that he reported.

Of course, whether there were any additional problems, I don’t know. He certainly didn’t mention any.


@Peaceout: No need for that. Assumptions of other members background and motives have no place here, and your post is inflammatory. :cop:

Please try to stay on topic for the OP, who needs some genuine help.


It’s not the burning speed per se - but the hardware. And this is based on my actual experience. The newer 52x burners did not even show up as a recorder on some older versions of Nero.


Please - don’t kid me. (No pun intended). Who’s making assumptions here? You or me? By his own self admission, RJL admitted he went overboard and said quote: [I]“exaggerated”[/I] the numbers to try to prove his point. When one makes exaggerated statements like that, there are no assumptions necessary - speaks for itself actually.

I’ve addressed all of the OP’s questions and more. See post #3 above. I’ve also refuted those points made by RJL who’s made some outrageous and BS claims that do not hold water. When someone makes unsubstianted and outrageously false statements, are you supposed to let that go? What kind of service are you providing for newbs like Ron350?


Just a point. I have 2 computers running win 98se. One has a lite on CD burner about 6 mo. old and works fine with nero express 6. The other computer has a iomega external CD burner with its own burning software. One thing you might want to look into is getting a DVD burner that will run with win 98se. They are out there and I would look at Lite-On brand. Just make sure is says it will work with win 98se. I hope this helped you out.


Usually once a month somewhere there is a computer swap meet,check out the local computer paper,they usually have lots of older software and other computer products.As for a CD Burner like Dr. Paul says lite-on is my preference also.One of the few Burners that burns in RAW Mode.


Wow I am kinda overwhelmed by the number of replys.

OK i will look around locally for good used name brand CD burner since speed is not important.
If I can not find a used burner I will try one from New Egg.

Thanks for all the help and information.


The others can take their little tiff into PM or there will be trouble.

Back on topic.

Any DVDwriter will write CD’s also.
Buying a second hand CD writer is an invitation for trouble.

Recommended is any Nero version from Version 6 or up.
Nero 5 is virtually impossible to get nowadays anyway.

If you buy the DVDwriter new in a retail box (not OEM), it will come with some software, which should be sufficient for general purposes.

However, as mentioned above, you can also get free software to do other things like copy DVD movies.

All DVDwriters at 16x or below use the same, older type, IDE interface (there may be a few exceptions, but not likely to encounter these), so there are no issues with the connection types.

18x burners are coming out with SATA which is NOT suitable for your PC.

Also, for a first timer, the Liteons are a good all-round burner, same with the LG’s.

Avoid samsung for now, and Benq & NEC can also be troublesome with some media, and since you’re starting out, that can be the cause of lots of issues.

Most important, when you buy disks, buy good quality disks. That means either Verbatim (common in shops) or Taiyo Yuden (Usually order online).

Using poor quality discs will make your life hell.

Please come back and ask for help, once you’ve bought it :wink:


I just looked on newegg’s site for the burners. I saw 2 LITE-ON units for under $20 that will work with 98se. You can go there and check them out. For that price why would you want to buy used? I couldn’t find a DVD burner that will work with 98se. Let us know how you are making out.


Any dvdwriter will work with Win98 SE.

Who keeps perpetuating these rediculous fallacies that new optical drives do not work with win98se??? :confused:
Hardware works in any OS. Software is OS dependant.
Nero has a CDROM .dat information update that can be downloaded to make any version 5 & up work with any current DVDwriter.

Here’s a list that will be fine.


I’m not going to get inb an arguement with you over this. But why would it say system requirements win 2000, ME, XP. nothing about it will work in win 98se.


Please do. It’s a valid Question.

DVD wasn’t really popular until winXP, so most DVD player software (especially software coming out now) has ditched support for Win98SE. If the OP is after a burner, a CDR burner simply isn’t worth it anymore. Might as well pay an extra $5 for the versatility of a DVD writer, with improved interfaces, bugs removed, newer write strategies … and of course, DVD support in addition to CDR :wink:

Most people report that Nero 6 works fine in Win98 SE. It shouldn’t be any trouble tracking down an old version.

And at any rate, there is lots of freeware that supports win98, and is better than nero bloatware.

But if you insist on using Nero …