Need help choosing a burrner

I am trying to decide between two burners and I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions.

Burrner no. 1 is a Yamaha CRW2100SZ, ( ). I prefer this one because it is scsi and has an 8 meg buffer.

Burrner no. 2 is a Plextor 24X10X40 CD-RW IDE, ( ). Most of the people on this forum seem to prefer this drive. I did notice that the buffer is smaller, (4 meg).

I will be using the burrner for backing up games that my son and I both play. Most seem to have Safedisc 2 protection.

My current system is as follows:

Motherboard is a Abit KT7 with an AMD Thunderbird 1.2
Creative 52x cd player
Yamaha 8x8x24 CD-RW, (scsi)
Maxtor 30 gig ATA 100
2 IBM 9 gig scsi drives
512 megs of ram
Win 2K

Any advice would be appreciated.

p.s. Does any one out there have any suggestion on a DVD drive for reading cd imagesÉ

I have a HP9200i and a Liteon (Cendyne) 24102 drive. The HP is a good drive but the Liteon is better. It can create successful backups (of course you own the original) with the correct reader. There has been a lot of contention as to who makes the best drive for reading these backup images but again I own a Toshiba 1502 DVD drive and have never had a problem yet. There is a new Toshiba out there the 1602 so that may be a good buy.

I used to own a yammy a while ago and it was good but did not write RAW, this is the same reason I think you are upgrading. If I were you and money was no objet then buy the Plextor, the quality and value (especially for audio rip) is great. If you do want something a little cheaper then the liteon is available for about $99 online (pricewatch) whereas the plextor is about $155 online.

Hope this helps