Need help choosing a burner!

I’ve googled around alot looking for a clear winner, but it’s quite hard:

LG: GSA H54N > Can be cross-flashed to a 20x GSA H55N
Samsung: SH S182D
Sony: DRU 830A > Samsung Rebag, appears to have the same overall good performance.
ASUS: DRW 1814BL > Has lightscribe which i don’t care about.

I used to have a sony dvd writer which was basicly a liteon rebag, didn’t care for it much, right now i have an LG GSA 4163B which is an awesome drive, never burnt coasters except for like once. I’m kinda rooting for the LG, but i’ve read some reviews for the 55N (not for the 54N because they basicly don’t exist) and some people are saying stay away from it (which is the case with every dvd drive ever made)

I’m looking for something that can burn DVD+R DL flawlessly, speed is not much of an issue as long as it’s reliable (i usually burn DL on 4x anyway).

BTW: If you’re wandering why these drives specifically; it’s because these are the choices available to me where I live.

There are inhouse reviews of the drives you’ve mentioned, and the links can be found in their appropriate forums.

There’s never a guarantee that a DVD+R DL will burn “flawlessly,” since media manufacturing process could vary. However, the two types of media that will better guarantee a good burn is MKM001 and MKM003, usually under the Verbatim brand. Ricoh +R9 media isn’t very reliable and until proven otherwise, almost everyone will advise you to stay from them. Unfortunately, they’re rebranded by many companies: Memorex, Sony, HP, generic-cheapo, etc. So be aware.

I’ve already read all these reviews. But as I said before; I can’t find specific reviews for the GSA H54N anywhere, the closest i get is the GSA H55LI or the GSA H55N.

To me it’s between the Sony drive or the LG drive.

Since the 54N is inherently a 55N but with just 18x writing on single layer discs, why are you asking if it can get 20x burn speed with a crossflash if you want “flawless” +R9 burns? The +R9 burn speeds and strategies will probably be the same in both drives. Just buy one and try it out, no one can say for sure it will work well with your setup.

the reason i’m asking is because i want to update it to the latest H55N firmware version, with the latest media compatibility updates (along with some other firmware fixes probably). The H54N didn’t get any firmware updates at all.

Well, if that’s your intent, then I wouldn’t suggest getting a 54N since you would be crossflashing to a 55N, voiding the warranty. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can’t return it, you’ll have to eat it.

i bought the H54N, i’m gonna do a couple of test runs with it before flashing it with the H55N firmware.

I’ll keep you guys posted.

I flashed it with the H55N firmware successfully, it has been fully converted to a H55N! :slight_smile: