Need help choosing a burner



I have read lots and lots of reviews (and my head is spining from it believe me!) and have decided to buy one of the two burners…

  1. Lite-On SHW-16H5S or
  2. BenQ 1655 (is this just an upgraded version of the 1640? As the 1640 was given the editors choice).

I would just like to get some suggestions from those much more knowledgable in this field than I as to which would be the better overall drive.

I will be using the drive for dvd data burning (lots of anime) and making backups of my dvd movies.

If there is a drive out (or will be out in ~1month as I am buliding a system right now) that I have overlooked that would be much more applicable than the two I chose please let me know. TIA for any assistance. :iagree:


I would suggest the 165H6S to get the most current version, but either drive will do well. The 5 and 6 series Liteons are in need of a fix, in progress, for -R. Otherwise it is a good drive. The 1655 looks good and in two days I will be able to compare it to the Liteons when I receive mine. If you stick to quality MCC and TY media either one will be great.


KeyserSoze I think you should buy the SHW-16H5S as chas0039 said! He is a [B]DVD Guru [/B] and knows what he is talking about. You will be very happy with your new burner. :slight_smile:


I haven’t got the Liteon 165H6S yet but have been playing with a Benq 1655 now for about a week. The 1655 burns quality +R media as well if not better than the 1640.
It doesn’t seem to like some cheaper media like CMC Mag though. But there is no reason to use cheap media because there isn’t that much difference in price anymore.
I agree with coathi “chas” will never lead you astray!
Love your name “KeyserSoze” What a good flick!


Hey guys thanks for all the help I really appreciate it. I will prolly end up getting the shw-16H6S like was suggested. :iagree:

Thanks, that’s my favorite movie. Kevin Spacey has been in quite a few good ones…L.A. Confidential and American Beauty are a couple of others that I really like.


Is there a difference between the shw and the shm versions?? I have been trying to locate the shw-165h6S, but all I can find is the shm-165h6S model. I looked on Lite On’s website and couldnt find the shw on there either.




Yes. SHM is capable to read and write DVD-RAM.