Need help choosing a burner

I am going to buy a dvd burner and do not know which one to get. I am going to use it to backup games and movies and games so the originals do not get ruined by my 4 year old. I have a liteon ldw 811s and it has failed miserably. i have made at least 50 coasters and I am not interested in liteon at all. i want a dvd burner to put in my BYTECC external USB2 enclosure for my laptop and have been looking at the nec 3540a and the benq 1640. if someone knows of a better burner plese let me know as I must buy one in the next few days. any help is appriciated.


Don’t blame only burner; most times failures are due to bad media.

811s is an old burner, but not an absolute bad one. I have one, and in my opinion its only defect is that is very picky with media.

Liteon 1693 is a good burner, but if you don’t like liteon, I suggest you a Benq 1640, a very good burner useful also for scanning burned media.

about getting the benq 1640 i’m having trouble getting it to work in my external enclosure…i got usb2 on the comp, and the external enclosure is some generic brand with USB2/firewire and own power supply…it gets detected by winXP and i’ve even been able to update firmware of the 1640 but nero freezes at 1% everytime i try to burn… so i’m thinking of exchanging the burner…any recommendations on wat burner works in any external casing?

nec makes great burners that work in win and lin

Take a look at this thread.

which is better a drive to put in a external enclosure or a drive to get for a hp zd7168cl laptop? the cd/dvd combo is not removable and i want to get a double layer burner that will do backing up of my games and dvd`s. i checked my bytecc enclosure and i think it has an oxford chipset, but i do not know what drive to get that will burn without making coasters and has buffer underrun as well. i checked the nec 3540 a and the 3540 bk as well as the benq 1640. i am unsure as what to get. i want to get one that will work in my laptop or in my bytecc usb2 enclosure. i did check the enclosure guide, but now my question is what burner is the right one to do what i need it to do?
any suggestions?
ironleg 1963

Oxford will work fine with most drives at 8X. If you are looking at NEC you should have no trouble. If you want to go faster your need a Plumax enclosure from Dealsonic with a Prolific 3507 chip. The only drive people seem to have trouble with is LG but I have no trouble with an Oxford 911 firewire; I have used LG, NEC, BenQ, Liteon, Pioneer, and Plextor with the 911 with no trouble up to 8x.