Need help! Cd-writer stopped working / don't know what to do!

Hi guys,

I have a challenge for you.

I have a Philips cd-writer (12x8x32). It was originally sold under the Medion brandname (Medion MD 9567), but it says ‘Philips’ on the front of the writer.

Anyway, since about a month, the cd-writer isn’t recognized anymore by my computer. During boot up, when the drives are being detected, the BIOS detects the drive fine, but strange characters show up. In Windows XP, under hardware properties, it shows the cd-drive, but it has a strange name.

I thought, maybe something is wrong with the cables, but everything is in order. Also, I updated the BIOS of the computer, which had no effect. Lastly, I reinstalled Win XP PRo, but it has no effect.

Out of 10 reboots, the cd-writer is only properly recognized once!

I was thinking of upgrading the firmware, but I can’t find the firmware anything. Not on the Medion site, nor on the Philips site.

Who can help me?

Is this the drive ?
You can download the latest firmware


Hi Stefan,

Thanks a lot for your message. I’m afraid it isn’t the one, at least the front doesn’t look similar. I also checked the other ones on your website, but none of them look similar.

Do you think if I open the pc and get the drive out, I might get more info?

I think the problem with this drive is that it’s a Philips drive, but sold under the Medion brandname. (It does say Philips on the front though).

Even if i can’t identify the drive, what do you think is wrong with it? Maybe it just died?

Thanks a lot for your help, I appreciate it very much!

Could you post the actual firmware version ?
How is the drive recognised in bios ?
PCRW1208: CDD4851 IDE 4.0 4.0.cvt 14/02/2002
2.IDE-CD R/RW 12x8x32
3.IDE-CD R/RW 12x8
4.IDE-CD R/RW 12x10

They are all the same (internal).


Hi Stefan,

In the BIOS itself the drive is recognized as ‘CD-RW’ with the following settings: Pio Mode 4 & 32 bit mode ON.

During the boot up…the drive isn’t recognized anymore (at least some strange characters show up).

If the drive works properly however, the drive is recognized in Windows XP as ‘ide-cd r/rw 12x8x32’.

I also attached a picture of the front of the drive. Maybe that’s helpful?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Btw since the drive isn’t properly recognized, i can’t identify the firmware version either.

All it says under Windows now is ‘I E C R R 2 8 3’ instead of ‘ide-cd r/rw 12x8x32’

I guess nobody knows? :frowning:

It’s the OEM version of a cdd4851.
Your drive is dying,you can maybe recue by flashing it.

Dear Stefan,

Thanks a lot and I will try to update the firmware and let you know the result!
Many thanks again :slight_smile:

Heh Stefan,

I downloaded the firmware and wanted to flash the cd-r drive, but…since the drive is not properly recognized…i can’t flash it. The flashtool only flashes drives that it recognizes. Is there any way to flash it manually?