Need Help! can't read dvd-r all of sudden

i’m using sony dru-530A model, i’ve been using it for a year and didn’t have any problem. But, just several hours ago, it’s suddenly refusing to read any burnt dvd-r. it recognizes a blank dvd-r and can burn it. (Nero auto-detects the blank dvd and launches burning program when i insert a blank dvd-r) it just doesn’t recognize any burnt dvd-r. i tried to use ATPI hider from clonecd, and it didn’t help … now, i’m thinking of formatting my HDD and reinstall my OS. i’m using winxp sp 2.0


ps: i also updated my firmware, didn’t help at all.

looks like cd-r is working and normal dvd disc is also working. so far, only burnt dvd-r is not working … lol

Driver config trouble.

Enable Auto-Insert-Notification and search the m$ support pages.