Need Help, BW 4.2.2 VS SecuRom 4.8

:a Ok, I have been “Backing-up” CD’s for several years. I would consider myself an expert with CloneCD. Unfortunately as we all know SecuRom New 4X has turned my CloneCD into a useless program. I had heard that BW 4.2.2 is the savior so I downloaded it to give it a whirl and so far I have created 5 coasters!!! I’m using a LiteOn LTD-163 and LITE-ON LTR-48125W so I definately have the hardware on my side. I can create SafeDisc 2.X copies all day long that work in any drive but this new SecuRom is giving me a headache!! It appears as though the image that is being created with either drive is no good. When I run the diagnostic program with Blind Write it always shows in the “File System” section that there is “No File System Found” and the ugly Un happy face. According to the manual, of which I have read every page about a dozen times I should not even attempt to make the CD if I see this notification…but I did it anyway…hmmm? Of course I have tried using both DAC PQ and PW with the same results and always use Subcodes since it is SecuRom. The game in question is No One Lives Forever 2. I haven’t tried UT2K3 yet with BlindSuite but I’m sure I will have the same results…actually I haven’t tried a SD2.X game yet but that isn’t my main concern right now…it is just that no good SecuRom New version!!! AHHHHHGH!!! I always use the settings that are in the manual and have varied my speeds…but never get a good image…please help. As I’m typing this message I’m trying the BWA Builder as I red on another forum…but I don’t think it is going to help since I don’t believe my initial image is sufficient. Please give me any and all ideas.


PS. is anyone having any problems with 4.2.2? Everytime I hit the back button from either blind read or write my entire computer executes an improper shutdown??? I have built computers for over 7 years and have never seen anything like this?? I can go forward to each page of either program with no problems so now it forces me to exit if I realize I made a mistake on a previous page?? I have reintalled several times and everything else on my computer is working perfectly. OS is Win ME ( I know!! horrible OS) 1.47ghz AMD XP1700, 512 mbram PC2100 and tons of HD space left. Geforce 4 video card. Every driver/DirectX/ Windows Updates/ ScanDisc/ Defrag are up to date or have been done.

Thanks again!!

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