Need help buying a new LCD monitor



I’m thinking about buying an LCD monitor.
I’m not sure if I should get a widsecreen or not. My main concern is DVI.
How do I find out if I can connect that way to my PC? Also, what are the plus and minuses of Widescreen?

I am going to buy a new Video Card, also. So, as long as I buy one that has DVI I will be able to use that with my PC?

My computer is around 4 years old.

Dimensions 8200
1.8 GIG


DVI comes in different versions with different pin configurations. Look for Dual-DVI if you get a monitor with a high native resolution.

The main disadvantage for widescreen is for gamers- most older and some current games do not natively support widescreen resolutions or require manual editing of .ini files. Fortunately the Games for Windows certification requires widescreen support- so almost all future games will support widescreen. You are buying a new video card too, so unsupported desktop resolutions shouldn’t be a problem.