Need help buying a new dvd/cd writer

My dvd/cd writer combo drive just recently went out. I’ve been looking to purchase a new one, but I have no idea what to get. I’ve read a lot of the threads and reviews in the forum, but truthfully I don’t understand most of the technical things which are said. I just need a reliable DVD/CD burner that won’t cost me a whole lot which burns a good range of media. Looking to pay about $75-$80. Thanks a lot to those who reply.

This one should fit the bill for you. Act fast while it has free shipping. Link for you :bigsmile:

I rather to buy the drive with “LightScribe” capability like BenQ 1655 or you want cheaper the Samsung which is on sale:

LiteScribe, buy a sharpie it’s faster. The Pioneer 111-D is a better burner. :wink: That said i do want to pick up the Samsung 18X someday to add the the collection. :bigsmile:

But remember Samsung is on sale now otherwise its price unreasonably highier that BenQ drives. So if you plan to add to your collection now is the time.

I’m a LiteOn guy but yet i post to buy the Pioneer, what’s up wit dat? The reason being everybody says that LiteOns don’t burn CDs that well, so i post to buy the Pioneer 111-D which i have 2 of and a BenQ 1650 (all 3 still in bubble wrap). Well i have yet to have a problem with CDs burnt by my Litey 160P. So…?

In contrary Lite-On drive are the best amongst for writing excellent quality CD writing but not so with DVD writing.

Dude, i get awsome DVD burns and scans from my 160P. It’s the reader/ripper and writer at the moment. :bow:
EDIT: here’s a link to one of my scans. Click me :bigsmile:

But remember the way you scaned the burned disc there is no tesing for jitter portion and without jitter you can’t really tell how the quality of brunt is .

DVDs play just dandy Bud in the Pioneer Elite 5 disc stand alone player that’s almost 3 years old now. :wink: