Need Help Buying a (Mini) DVD-Ram Drive



I have a DVD Hitachi Camcorder, I have ben burning on a Mini DVD-Ram drive. I tried to read the disks with a Toshiba 5372, which I thought read DVD-RAM. After talking to tech support, the drive does not read mini DVD-RAM.

Any one know of a drive that reads Mini DVD-RAM’s burned on a camcorder?

thanks in advance for your help.


I use my LG4163 and convert with AVS Video Converter, then burn back to DVD-/+R disk on the LG4163. Works like a champ. Plays in all my standalones.


Yep, the LG GSA4163B should do the trick.

I’ll look it up for you.


Went to Fry’s to return the Toshiba and the sales person told me to try a Hammer-Storage drive so I picked one up. From what I have read it is a Panasonic SW-9585. Hooked it up and reads and writes Mini DVD-RAM.

I am in business, thanks for your replies.

PS: I also read the specs on this drive are not as good as others on the market, however I am happy that I can read and write DVD-RAM, which was more important to me then 1 or 2X faster speeds.


Hitachi makes LG DVD-RAM burners.

I’d like to have a HD 1080i camcorder with DVD-RAM and SD/CF/MMC memory card slots.


This drive is not bad at all. :wink:

Read a review at cdrlabs


I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, too bad it’s hard to get any Panasonic drive here in The Netherlands. :frowning:


Same here.