Need Help Buyin A DVD Burner!



hi, i need help pickin a new dual format dvd burner. i’m lookin for a burner that have firmware upgrade to let me read faster and burn faster(8x). and most importantly, i need one that will have the Dual Layer firmware comin soon. also, i heard that there’s a firmware that will let some burner burn at 8x with 4x dvdr, is that true? any help would be appreciated.


The three drives that currently have active patching work are the LiteOn, NEC, and Pioneer drives. If you want to burn 8x on 4x media, you will need a drive that has active patching work being done to it. Of these 3 drive types, only the LiteOn and NEC have the possibility of a DL upgrade.

So your choices are the LiteOn 812S and the NEC 2500A.


Actually all that code says may be true, but how quickly he forgets the BenQ DW822A ($86), and its the only one that officially supports dual layer and its official firmware that comes with the drive will allow a number of the common 4x + media to be burned at 8x and at excellent burn quality (according to Jamos’ Kprobes at least), whereas code’s recommendations are not officially supported firmware, but hacked firmware, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but just ask someone which hacked firmware to go with on the NEC 2500 and you could get 3 different answers. There’s so many versions floating around. The dual layer firmware patch for the DW822A won’t be until Sept 30, but media prices for dual layer may well still be $10 a blank by then.

If you want dual layer soon, try waiting two weeks for the DW830A which will COME WITH DUAL LAYER OUT OF THE BOX OFFICALLY SUPPORTED. It’s also been tested on set top players to be 80-90% compatiable with its current dual layer firmware.


As code mentioned LiteOn and NEC are probably the best – it has an active community that works to get FW patches and help you with other issues :slight_smile:
I know BenQ had some good results - but given the community support, I’ll choose the LiteOn or NEC.
Personally I’ll get the NEC … better write quality and also works with a wide range of media.

I think you’ll be happy with either one :slight_smile:


Problem wit he NEC is the fact that the firmware releases are few and far between. If your not a code/hardware junkie the LiteOn is going to be more user friendly but yes the write quality is a bit lower. The other side of that coin is that the read is much better if your going to be ripping from the same drive.

If you need it right NOW they its a toss up between the LiteOn and the NEC just depends on how comfortabe you are working with hacked firmwares.

If you can wait a few months NEC has the 2510a and LiteOn has the 832s coming out that are both official DL.

As a side note i’m in the same situation… right now i’m leaning toward the LiteOn just from past experiance with the brand.