Need help burning/using .bin files while getting CRC errors



Hi all! This is my first post. I would like to preface this by saying that I did try to search for answers for my problem, but it seems it’s just a little too specific.

This might be a little long, but it’s only for the sake of being thorough. I don’t want to waste anybody’s time by not providing enough information from the start.

Lately I’ve been having problems getting CRC errors when trying to install off of .bin files. I’ll load up the bin in Daemon, and install normally. Almost always I’ll get a CRC error fairly early into the installation. The error always looks like this.

“Data Error(Cyclic Redundancy Check)”

And the error is always rooted in one of the following two files. or

This has happened with NOLF2, MOHAA, Splinter Cell, and Age of Mythology. But here is the interesting part.

I took my NOLF2 cd’s and burned an image of them using CloneCD. I then tried to install the game from my image cd’s. I ended up getting the same CRC error, but it was at a different point in the install. When trying to install from the BIN files, it bombed at 3% installed vs. 46% when using the image cd’s I made.

Does anybody have any suggestions as to what can cause this? I have a Plextor PX-W4824A and I’m using Win XP Pro.

Thanks in advance!! :bow:



Ok I must first warn you not to tell me that you downloaded these images off the net, because the forum does not allow warez, serials, cracks.

All these games are protected by safedisc 2.xx, what specific versions I dont know. Go here and check to see if your burner is in this list
It could be that the backups are corrupt. But if that is happening on all those different titles then it could be your burner not being a 2 sheep burner

You can do a search on the forum for Safedisc
Like this one:


Cloak - I never said that I downloaded them.

I did check my burner and it is 2 sheep compliant.

I did notice that my burner (Plextor) is not on Philamber’s list of Safedisc 2 killers. Should I go get alcohol and see if I can get it to work? Also, should I assume that these .bin files are bad or should I waste a few CD’s by trying to burn them? If they won’t install w/ Daemon, would they install after being put back on a CD?

Also, what’s the best program to determine copy protection? I’ve been using Clony but I haven’t been all that impressed.



does the original disc work without errors?
Try reading the discs in different readers and yes try alcohol. :slight_smile: And wich program do you use to make the images.


The install does go through with the original cds.

I use CCD almost exclusively to make the images, but I use daemon to load and install the .bins


hey m8’s,

sorry 4 my bad english.

Ihad the same problem, i tryed to copy bin files to cd using nero 6 with deamon tool but it didnt work it gave me CRC errors,

i tryed Alchohle 120% to burn a game 551mb on 700mb cd , it says burn complit but nothing in the cd !!! cd empty but it got 551 mb in it?>!!wtf, :frowning:


however, i tryed cue files and bin using winiso to make image and burn the imge to cd and it worked fine.

hop i helped :wink: