Need Help Burning The Sims Makin' Magic!



I need detailed instructions on how to burn off The Sims Makin’ Magic, :a I try to burn it off with Clone Cd and when the picture comes up it loads and comes up with a error ( In windows xp when it syas don’t send and other stuff) Can somebody tell me how turn burn this game off? Thank you! :bigsmile:


your not the first one asking look at this thread
also incase you arent aware only cd1 is protected,and of course software isnt the only factor your drives ability to handle safedisc 2.9 is another issue


So it depends on your burner? You burn at 4x and use Clonecd 5.2.51? But what’s the Elby version of CloneCd?


CloneCD has been bought by SlySoft quite some time ago so there’s no Elby version anymore. For a ‘1:1’ backup it depends on your burner for an emulated backup using Protected PC Game profile for reading and writing and when finished enabling Hide CDR Media in the system try should do the job.