Need Help ! Burning problem



My videos burned with a video editing program -r discs will only play on the computer although i can play other -r discs in my dvd player and i have tried a 'copy disc 'using both nero and sonic with the same results, just wont play.

my copied +r discs wont play on my dvd player but ones created in my video editing program will - this is the same wheither i use nero or sonic backup software.
The DVD player i have never has a problem playing any type of disc, and ive tried the discs in other players im having the same problem ! i just cant make sence of it . HLP :slight_smile: ! :flower:


Why not try dvdshrink? Or dvd decrypter?


The videos are just home movies, i just need direct copies if discs. the discs that i am copying are dvd-r and im copying to are also dvd-r and im getting all coasters !


A number of questions.

What format are they in to start with eg AVI,MPG etc?
How do you convert them to DVD movie format?
What DVD Burner do you have (Brand & Model #)?
And finally what media are you using (Brand & media ID from Nero CD-DVD Speed etc.)

Well another one actually, by coaster do you mean that they are unplayable in your standalone player and/or on your PC?

That should give us enough to be going on with.


Sure, it’s your movie, but Direct Copy is never a good idea for DVDs. Read it to an ISO file with DVD Decrypter, then write the ISO with DVD Decrypter.


They are videos which were created in a video editing program and burned to dvd’s which work fine, i have a teac burner which does +r/rw type discs and a phillips dvdr1625k which does the + and - type discs and dual layer.

I have tried it with both verbatim +R and -R 8x dvd’s ,and datawrite -r 8x dvd’s.
the are unplayable on my standalone player, although the original disc, whether it is a +R or -R of the same media type plays just fine the copys just play in my pc ! :frowning:


your philips dvd burner is probably a benq oem , use benq’s booktype utility and set it to dvd-rom click here for the manual click here