Need help burning .nrg for DVD player (movie)



I had a movie that was already burnt.

Wanted to back up.

Put in disc 1 used Nero’s DVD-COpy. worked perfectly. I specified it to NOT delete image.

I put it in Disc 2, I did the same thing, I got a .nrg image.

I had to do something else and coudln’t burn it then.

I figured if i have the .nrg i can burn it later.

I don’t have the disc 2 anymore… .the IMAGE is still there.

HOw do i burn the image to a DVD to mak eit read in the DVD player?

I used DVD-ROM(UDF) yesterday, and when i open the DVD it jsut says ‘disc2.nrg’ … and therefore my DVD player doesn’t read it.

Help please? I don’t have that original DVD anymore and all I have to work with is the image.

I tried burnign it with DVD-Video mode, but it says the image is too big and to use DVD-UDF and thats why i used UDF…which doesn’t seem to work


The easy way to do it is to double click on the .nrg file…Nero burning ROM will open ready to burn the image and click burn. The other way is to open Nero, click on Recorder, then Burn Image. You then have to find, select the image file yourself and then press Burn.