NEED HELP: Burning mpg to DVD?

Hi! I’m having alot of trouble figuring this stuff out. I’m using WinAvi to convert my RMVB files to MPEG-1 (MPG) and can’t burn them as a VCD or DVD. I’m trying to figure out is there a way to convert them and burn them to a DVD+R disk??? Thanks in advance from an exhausted noob! :sad:

I’ve read somewhere that they said:

MPEG-1 is VCD format
MPEG-2 is DVD format

RMVB to MPEG-1 is better
Bitrate 1150-1850 kbits/sec = 4-7 hours per DVD
Audio Frequency to 48000 hz

Ok, how do I look or change the bitrate or frequency??? Where do I go to do this??? Or is this info useless??

DVD compliant files must be mpeg2 w/ 48k ac3, mp2, or pcm audio.

You could theoretically encode an mpeg2 file at very low bitrates (there is a practical hard limit i believe) if you really want the extra space, but that defeats the purpose of using the dvd format.

dunno if this will help … i also use winavi 5.7 … i convert to vob files .then burn using nero 6 …just copy all the files that winavi has converted …open up nero 6 chose the dvd option open up the red video folder …paste inside and burn

forgot to say …you may be missing the mpeg4 plug in for nero