Need help burning ISO files for... oh lets just say xbox for the heck of it ;)




Im new ducks for flames and i need help

Ive been trying to burn some iso files but they dont seem to work. Im totally computer/cd/burner/etc illiterate so plz bear with me :bigsmile:

First reply to this would prolly be, “click around on these boards and you’ll find what you are looking for”…

Yes… i did that… but didnt find anything related to, oh for the arguements sake lets say, xbox…

Anyone have experince with this?

Does my burner (sp?) have to burn at the lowest speed? are there different modes? I used Nero and Fire Burner… none worked for me. Maybe i have the wrong versions? Maybe im a dufus?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

If this topic isent allowed i apologize beforehand.

Thank you. :smiley:


maybe ps2 i could help you with but i know didly about xbox.


use Nero/Prassi primo dvd
its np on a pioneer 104 cant tell for shure on ur drive
should work OK write them @1X :wink:

PrimoDVD/Xbox dvd-r
Nero/Xbox dvd-r Burnguide


Thanks for the replies!

but… my burner doesnt do dvd’s… only cdr/cdrw.
And i plan on burning on cdrw. What do i use then, still primoDVD? Tried searching for that and ended up on that prassi site but no downloads…

Edit: lol, found the primoDVD download… but do i still use this eventhough its not a dvd burner i have?

2nd. Edit: Jesus… found the download page but couldnt find the primoDVD program… sigh…


Any ideas?


AFAIK, there is no legal way to obtain .ISO files for the XBOX… so I’ll close this topic. If I am mistaking, I’d be pleased to hear it from you, so I can open it once again.

Did you read our rules yet?


After talking to the topicstarter, I am conviced there’s nothing illegal going on. He made the ISO’s (with the help of friend) of his own games.

The topic is opened once again, and I apologize to Pooh_bear for closing it down while there was no reason to do so.


Thank you Dee-ehn! :slight_smile:

As i told Dee-ehn, me and a friend was messing around with copying of xbox games. Him having experience in copying his ps1/2 games and me having NO experience. I wanted to create back ups of my games and we managed (how the heck?) to extract some files… now we just dont know how to copy them down since the playstation way doesnt work…


If you’re trying to make copies of your XBOX Origianls to protect them, there are a couple DEFINITE Needs. First question … do you plan to run your BACKUPS? or just have backups

If you planning to run your backups … you need to get a MOD CHIP to allow that.

2nd question would normally be do you have a DVD burner … i guess thats a no .

The only XBOX games you’ll even remotely be able to backup are the ones less than 700MB … i can only think of one right now that is that small … most XBOX games are in DVD format to begin with thats why when you place them in the BURNER or CD Drive they’re unreadable.

So a XBOXDIC to CD copy will NEVER work.

The only real possibility is to MOD Chip your XBOX with a good Mod chip …(Xecuter 2 Pro, Xecuter 2 Lite) first

Onec you get the MOD working … you’ll need to load EVOX Dashboard. Its a replacement front end for thexbox … which will allow you to install an application called bOxplorer … with that you can “BACKUP” your xbox games to your XBOX Harddrive and then FTP them from the xbox to your PC.

Onec its on your PC … you can package it to an ISO by using XISO … another piece of software you install on the PC.

Then you can burn it to CDR or CDR-W …

If you have additionals questiosn … they ALL can be answered by going to There they have Tutorials on backing up your Original Games and where to purchase a mod chip to facilitate that.

Bear in mind … its only legal to backup your own xbox games otherwise you violate the game copyright.


Thank you for that lenghty reply Big Suma :slight_smile:

Now, i had my box chipped and modded at the store i bought it so that shouldnt be a problem. And i’ve already ftp’d some stuff too. (mostly deleted saves) but the thing i want is to copy my original games to a cd(dvd) which are playable. I dont think my hdd in the box is big enough for a game. I talked to a buddy today and he told me he would loan me his dvd burner… so now all i need is a how-to tutorial… im gonna try that xbox-scene… if that fails, im gonna come yell some more here :slight_smile:

Edit: Got the iso thing working (i think) now i just need to put it down onto a media…


after modchipping ur xbox, it’s also possible to replace the puny hdd (only 8 gb) with a much larger one. there are instructions on the site BigSuma provided. this way u don’t have to have a dvd burner to play backed-up games, and load times will be much faster from the hard drive than from the disc.



Hmm… so if i have the extracted files on the pc, is it possible to ftp the files to the xbox?? then i wouldnt need to burn… and make it alot easier :slight_smile:

But i couldnt find anything about ftp’ing stuff to the xbox on so its probably not…


that’s exactly what u would need to do to put the isos onto the xbox. u’d have to network the xbox to ur computer and simply upload the isos. look in the tutorial or faq sections of the site, i know there are some guides available.


Yah, i’ve looked over that tutorial link a few times…
The only ftp related link is how to set up the network… nothing about moving stuff around :frowning:

But an iso file is just one big thing, shouldnt it be unpacked or something before moved to the xbox?


it’s been a while since i looked at the site, so i don’t remember exactly which tutorial it was. it might’ve been one of the evolutionx tutorials.

i’m pretty sure u can also leave the isos in their “packed” format.


alright… i’ll look over every single one when i come home from work then. Thanks ALOT AZI and the others too that replied :smiley:


np, let me know how it goes. :wink:


What you need to do is put EVOX dash board on a CD-RW or DVD …

Ill have it at the following link withen a day:

once youve got EVOX installed you can install bOxplorer to your XBOX

and backup your Originals directly to your XBOX

no need to fxp them to your pc … unless you wanna burn them


So it seems my xbox only can play certain dvds/cd’s… is my evo x broken?
is there a way to update it so it can play all/most?

I wanna make burnt copies since i dont have a larger harddisk yet and so i can keep the things seperate. I would hate for something to go wrong with my xbox and lose all my copies.
Yes, im a fanatic… heh, i buy a game. make a copy (ps1/2) and never see the original again… lol. unless the copy breaks or something.


Depending on the MOD CHIP … some mods work with certain media … some xbox are picky about media … best thing to do is go to and get their DVDR sampler … they give ya a couple brands of each type … try them out and see what brand and type of media works on your XBOX … then use that …


cool site!

I seems my xbox likes verbatim… heh, but not all of em. only the white labeled ones… not the silver… lol.
Is laser adjusting something you dabble in BigSuma? recommended? i heard it might help with being able to use most media…