Need help burning image file with CDRwin



I wanted to copy prince of persia 3D. This game is protected with Safedisc. I’ve created an image file, the way I was told to in order to bypass the errors, and a Cuesheet but I can not burn it. My cd-rewriter does support DAO so I can’t even guess what’s wrong. The error goes somewhat like this : “error starting DAO recording - cuesheet rejected by the cd-recorder”. Can anyone help me ?? (I also speak dutch)


Buy twilight. That is far more easier.


Ok Meurz,

first pay a visit to !
Once you’re in the main page goto the right banner and do a search for Prince of Percia 3D in the game selector! (and click it!)
Now you will see that there are the solutions how to copy the game!
Good luck!

(you can mail me if you need some help!)


Thanks guys.
Actually I’ve succeeded in copying POP3D with duplicator. I don’t even need the laxity crack. So u can guess I’m very happy.