Need help burning dvds

I’ve spent days and days and am so frustrated I could scream. I have a Panasonic GS35 miniDV and all I want to do is to burn the miniDVs to my Sony burner so it can play on a regular DVD player. I can capture and edit with no problem. But they won’t play on the DVD player after they are burned, just the computer. The first one or two did, but now none will. The Nero instructions are completely useless to me. I’ve tried -R and +R and I’m sure it’s some setting that I just cannot get to. I have the Nero 6 suite, and am totally confused. I’ve tried so many authoring software packages and am having the same frustrations. I’m sure it’s just my ignorance. The whole process seems overwhelming to me.

I hope someone can help. Otherwise, I’ve wasted lots of money on a camera, burner and all the accessories. :frowning: Thanks.

What is the model of your burner and what brand of media are you using? Download dvd identifier which is a free program that will read the media code off the disks you are using . The media code will tell us who actually manufactured the disks as many brands do not use thier own media, but rather put thier name on other peoples disks.
My guess would be, since some of the disks play, the proceedure you are using in nero is correct. It is more likly a media quality/compatibility problem.

Thank you for responding. I’m in Fl, so we haven’t had power or anything all week! Just got to a Starbucks :).

I’m using a SonyDRX72OUL Dual RW Drive Double Layer burner. I think it’s my inability to figure out how to configure Nero. I’m using Maxell or Dynamax DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW.

There’s no problem getting the video off the camera (well in Vegas, the sound won’t normalize, but when I use the software that came with the camera, I can edit. Again, at this point, I’d be happy to just get it on the disc and working on the DVD player. As I said, they do work on the computer.

Maybe my DVD player is too old? About two years old.

Thanks again,

The only dynamax media I found was princo which is total garbage. Maxell is usally pretty good. The sony burner you got is a liteon so be aware, litons dont usally get along with dvd-r media. Once you get power up again, check the media codes on the disks you got. Your burner should be able to use kprobe to do error scanning so you can scan the disks you burned to see if they are suspect.
As far as the dvd player, two years is not to old, but some players do beter with burned disks and some do worse, even new ones. I suspect it is a media quality/compatibility issue. I would start by scanning the disks you burned in kprobe (once you get power that is) and check the media code. With kprobe, just run it, click the little play arrow at the top (make sure the disk is in the drive and that drive is selected). when it finishes, click the little floppy disk icon, save the graph as a png file, then attach the png file to a post here. Dont worry about the text screen that pops up at the end, just close it. Fyi thats an external burner right?
Also fyi, of course you cannot do this till you get power (unless it’s a laptop with an external). Just post when you can.

Just to add a bit to ripit’s suggestions.
I see you are also using DVD-RW media, many stand alone DVD palyers are unable to read this media, check your owners manual for your stand alone DVD player, it should list what media it plays.

I tried to do a search on your Sony DRX72OUL(Liteon Burner) but found nothing at all on that model #, are you sure that is the correct model # you posted?

This may be a bit overwhelming for you to understand but I’ll try to make it as simple as possible. Store bought DVD’s are not burned but pressed, the format used is DVD-Rom. Firmware is a set of instructions on how to burn a specific media, this firmware is software that is loaded into your DVD burners memory, it can be updated and is wise to do so because new media comes out frequently so the burner must be able to recognize it. Upgrading the firmware also fixes some bugs that may have been there on a previous version.
Some burners through their firmware have the ability to burn a disk to the DVD-Rom format, its called BITSETTING, thus fooling your DVD player into thinking it’s an original. This can only be done using DVD+ media, NOT DVD-.
The reason I say this because Liteon burners support bitsetting with the proper firmware.

I have burned over 400 dvd’s using the DVD-Rom format, they have been played in over a dozen players ranging from high quality to cheap crap, never did one of them fail to play in these players. Of course I only use quality media to avoid any media failures.

As ripit mentioned Maxell is good media but avoid Dynamax.

There is a CDfreaks Forum dedicated to the Liteon\Sony burners and have links for firmware as well as programs to install them such as the Omnipatcher.
It has comprehensive instructions on how to use it and install the firmware.
Here is the link:

You’re probably thinking this guy is nuts, all I want to do is make a simple copy and he’s giving me rocket science. Welcome to the world of computers thinks aren’t as easy as we wish them to be.

Please advise if that is the proper Sony Burner model # and I’ll see what I can find out about it.