Need help burning DVD+R's (Nero6 or other)

Hi guy’s, I’m not sure if this is the right forum but I could sure use some help with recoding DVD+R’s in such a way that they play on my home player.

My burner is Pioneer 108 and my home player is some really cheap “Nontaus” thing I bought on special about a year or more ago.

When I first got my burner I ran off a movie on each of DVD+R and DVD-R for testing. Both burns were 100% successful but only the DVD-R would play on my home player. I just assumed that my player was not +R compatible and only ever used -R from then on. BTW, when I put the +R in my player it scans it for a few seconds and then just displays “No Disc”.

Now somebody has just given me a DVD that is burnt on +R media and surprisingly it plays fine in my home player. This makes me think that my player is not incompatible after all and instead it’s me or my software that’s making incompatible DVD+R’s. It’s not just a “one off”, I’ve tried several +R media of various brands and they all come up as “no disc” on my home player but surprisingly work just fine on my friends home player of a different brand.

Recently I read something about “book type setting” for increased compatibility of DVD+R media. I don’t know what this is or how to do it, but perhaps this is the answer. Can anyone tell me how to make +R burns which are more compatible using my burner and nero6-full software (or other software if applicable).


It almost depends on the standalone device you’ve and also
the combination with your media. But do you’ve tried to change the
booktype from DVD+R to DVD-ROM. Oh i just see you don’t :slight_smile:
DVD-Rom is the a standard for an original pressed movie for example, with
this setting you’ve a higher chance that your player read them.
You can change booktype with some tools like kprobe, dvddecrypter,
dvdinfopro, nero etc…but only if your burner supports it.

Ok I didn’t see any option to set the book-type in Nero so I tried dvdinfopro and it said that pioneer drives dont support booktype bitsetting. So I guess I’ll just have to stick with DVD-R’s only.

Are there any other possible suggestions?

I’m not really sure , if there’s a modified firmware for your drive, that allows booktype

Yeah I’ve just been reseaching that too. It looks like the firmware for a drive called “piodata” is compatible with the Pioneer 108 and will allow booktype bitsetting. I think I might give it a try.

Here’s a link to the piodata firmware page :

OK here’s how it ended up. I flashed the piodata firmware linked above and now it sets the booktype for DVD+R to DVD-rom by default. I just burnt a movie on DVD+R and it’s finally working sweet on my home player. :slight_smile:

BTW, I had to flash both a kernel update (which is only included in the 110 firmware) along with the 118 firmware update. I used the dvrflash2 utility.

I’m glad I got it working but a bit annoyed that I had to piss about with it so much instead of Pioneer just allowing it with the default firmware. I cant really understand why Pioneer dont support -rom booktype setting since it obviously helps alot with compatibility.

Nice to hear that’s your problem is solved