Need help burning dual-layer disc

I just tried to copy “War of the Worlds” to a dual-layer disc for the first time on my laptop’s NEC 6650A combo drive, which can handle dual-layer discs. I got this message: “Test mode is not supported by the current media (DVD+R DL). Data WILL actually be written to the disc. Would you like to continue anyway?”

I searched this forum for a similar posting, but I didn’t find any.

So, should I continue?

Also, any theories as to why I can’t open the free trial version of AnyDVD after downloading it and restarting my laptop? :confused:

Much thanks.

Copy from where (source drive) and what media brand/mediacode does the DL have?

This means exactly what it says: you can’t write in test mode to DVD+R DL. Uncheck the “test write” option in your burning software and the message will go away. Or leave it like it is and choose “continue”.

And I’d make sure to NOT use Nero to do that copy. DVD Decrypter is the ONLY known way to make a good copy of a dual-layer disc.

Oh, and you are using Verbatim media, right?

huh? Where did you get that idea?

i think gurm misspoke when he said the only KNOWN way, but it sure is the vastly preferred and recommended way.

Mr. Francksoy, thank you for the reply. I did as you said, and the DVD copied perfectly onto a dual-layer disc using DVD Decrypter. Alas, I couldn’t find the “test write” option in the software – I’m not using the Newbie Forum for nothing – so I just clicked on “continue,” as you suggested. For future reference, how do I find the “test write” option?

Perhaps, you help me with some other issues?

I don’t understand how to use the trial version of AnyDVD, which describes itself as “a filter driver” that runs “invisibly” on my computer. What does all that mean?’s so-called manual wasn’t much help. Should I even concern myself with using this program?

Actually, what I am looking for is a truly simple copying program, such as 1ClickDVDCopy, but I can’t figure out how to use 1Click with DVD Decrypter. I have been using DVD Decrypter with DVD Shrink 3.2, but my successes with copying have largely been the result of trial and error. I can run DVD Decrypter with no problem, but when it comes to re-authoring the DVD with DVD Shrink 3.2 to make it fit on a single-layer blank disc, I get stuck and just end up clicking here and there until sometimes I get lucky. I’ve read plenty of “Help” pages, but nothing clearly explains the process, or I’m totally incompetent.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

AnyDVD runs in the background and will defeat regioncoding and copy-protections that way…