Need help burning dual layer disc



Hey i want to burn a dual layer disc … i have the sony dru-530a and i did firmware upgrade so i should be able to burn dl discs … but i dont know how to do it … cuz in nero there is no option to do it … anyone know how i can? … thanx


You need a dual layer burner like this:


In Nero there’s not a special option for this like the other options in Start Smart
for example NVE or NE etc.
But in Nero Burning Rom or Express you’ll find this little thing.
You can change the dvd size from DVD-5 to DVD-9!
Have a look if you want something to burn at the bottom right corner.
There you’ll find an option DVD-5 and change to 9 :wink:


i cant find it … i know u could do that wit cds… but cant find it for dvd … do u got a pic or somethin


So do you know what I mean?!
Here’s the pic :eek:


ahhhh … mine doesnt have that … i just upgraded to 6.6 and i dont see that option


To what version of Nero exactly you’ve upgraded?
And are you really sure your burner supports with this firmware
dl discs? :wink:


i got nero … and i think its supposed to support it cuz it says so on the box … any way i can check


As zazons said you need a DL Burner, as I know the dru530 supports
with the latest firmware only Reading Support for DL discs, maybe is this on
your box.


yea i dont think it supports it but why did they put on the box with firmware upgrade it does … i opened nero on my dads pc and he has the 710 i think and it shows up to 9gigs … oh well guess i gotta use that burner


The dru710 supports DL burning.
Enjoy :wink: