Need Help burning Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 LOD useing Alcohol 120%

I have some questions on burning both Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 LOD.
Useing Alcohol 120%

My cd-rw is.

Samsung CD-R/CD-RW SW-252S (1:0)
My version of Alcohol 120% is 1.9.2 1705

What write method should I use?
Should I enable underrun technology?
Should I rectify sub-channel data?
What data type should I use?
Oh and I am burning it from a CCD file not an Alcohol file.

I am useing 650 mb 4x speed cd-rw disks should I set it to max or to 4x?

I have not touched any other settings other then the standard install of the program. Do I have to adjust any other settings within alcohol 120% program?

Oh and because I live in the united states some programs like clonecd have needed another program to run other features of Clone CD do I need this for Alcohol 120?

Do I have to use one data type for burning Diablo 2 and yet another for Diablo 2 LOD.

Thanks for the info I am very new to this as you can see.

Hi Xcom707,

DiabloII and DiabloII LOD are both protected by SecuROM below version 4.8 so you should use ‘SecuROM New’ profile in Alcohol for reading and writing. All settings will be done automaticly choosing the correct profile! You may adjust read and write speed, I would recommend using slow speed for burning and writing. As far as I know you don’t need any other program like you did for elby’s CloneCD to run it properly. You don’t even need the CCD4RegKill for all version produced of CloneCD produced by SlySoft.

Thank you I will try it and post the results at a later time!

How do you do it using nero? Diablo 1 worked just fine but Diablo 2 had an error, I am assuming it is the protection. Sorry to post in someone else’s thread, I just figured since it was the same game, it would be a waste to make a new topic.

You cant do it with Nero, use Alcohol and follow what kalas said, or go to the Alcohol support forum and check the FAQ section on RMPS

As phoenix said, you can’t do it with nero.

For Diablo 2, use alcohol with securom new datatype settings (not securom new 4.x/5.x) and if you want to run the back-up copy from a writer (instead of an ordinary cd/dvd rom), you must enable Ignore media type in alcohol’s emulation options before playing.

Note: Ignore media type isn’t required for Diablo 1 when playing from a writer as it uses an older version of securom that doesn’t include an atip check.

I got a sort of the same problem and i’m wondering whether maybe the mdf/mds files got corrupted in the process of ripping. Can someone post the sizes of the .mds files for me?