Need help burning cd's

I had a very bad worm in my comp and had to dump everything. And since then i can no longer burn a cd i,m using nero and always had good luck in the past, have also tried others. I keep getting a message saying put in a blank cd, i have tried at 25 cd’s and get the same message. So whats wrong ???. I also checked my e drive properties and its a blue pie showing full. So is there anyone out there that can help me please. thank you .

I need help so I would like to know can you burn dvds with dvd+rw cd and do all dvd burner burn it?

Wow. Ish, restructure your sentence bigtime. You’re not using a different kind of media are you? I had a problem like that once and I finally figured out that my burner couldn’t handle the new media code. Update your firmware and see if that helps.