Need Help Burning .Bin Championship Manager 2001/2002.. Stange Errors


I need some help… I downloaded CM 2001/2002 and i tried to burn it 2 times but it failed… If writes the whole CD full but my cd-rom or writer kan not read it. When i try to extract the .bin with isobuster i get some kind of section error’s… However if I mount the image in Daemon Toolz, it works like a charm…

The cue file is ok as seen here":

TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00
PREGAP 00:02:00
INDEX 01 32:37:15
INDEX 01 32:59:15
TRACK 04 MODE1/2352
PREGAP 00:03:00
INDEX 01 75:53:00

When I try to get info of the CDROM with Nero, it gives me the info that there are 4 tracks on the cd. But I just can’t acces the CD…

It states:

G:\ is not accesablie

Incorrect funtion

(Translated from dutch…)

I burned the cd with CDRWIN 4.0A Beta or something… It’s cracked…

Please help me i need to make 3 copies before tommorow…

Thnx alot,


it seems you did not “crack” cdrwin correctly …
when that happens you will be writing blanks…
you could try an older version of cdrwin or try fireburner …
make sure when installing older version of cdrwin you get rid of all data in you registry of the new version!