Need help burning backup xbox 360 games


I’ve tried searching the forums but struggling to get the correct info. Please can someone help.

I have a pioneer 111d drive with firmware 1.23 and using clone cd to burn verbatim dvd+r dl disks but i am getting errors burning my xbox 360 backups. I believe i need to use a different firmware for the pioneer 111d drive but not sure which. Can anyone advised what the best solution is and how to do it?

Any advice would be much appriciated

Problem:unable to burn xbox 360 games

Oh man, that really sounds like newbie talk.

I really wonder how you managed to make a “backup of [I]your[/I] xbox 360 games” then.

Please use search, that is always a good start.

Problem:unable to burn xbox 360 games

Check out

firmware DVR111D_FW129EU

hi guys im havin probblems tryin to copy xbox games ive got a pionee dvd writer the software whats on it is a 111d i can copy disc to disc but cant burn a image it burns ok but game doesnt work can anyone help thanx

Let’s move this to the Newbie Forum…I suspect you’ll get more help there. :slight_smile:

I have never owned an Xbox, but from what I remember, on the first Xbox, you had to network it to your PC, and read from there (as the Xbox reads from outside to in). Not sure about 360, but this guide, from a quick Google might help:

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Backups of Xbox and Xbox 360:

Assumption: You do own rights to copy your licensed videogame. If not you are a shithead and shouldn’t be allowed on this forum.
Info: Original Xbox and Xbox 360 games can only be read by the consoles themselves. No other reader will read them correctly.


Mod your xbox
Backup the xbox game disc to the xbox internal harddisk
Transfer the files from the xbox internal harddisk to your pc via ftp
Make an xbox compatible iso out of them
Write them using some iso writer like Nero on a DVD or DVD9
Use them in your moddded xbox

Xbox 360

Mod your Xbox 360
I have no clue whatsoever if the xbox 360 discs can be read on pc drives or if you can ftp them to your pc. Some DVD readers may read xbox 360 discs and can make isos out of them, but you still need to mod your xbox 360