Need help burning an Image file

There are 3 files. UnrealTournamentcd1.ccd, Unrealtournamentcd1.img and UnrealTournamentcd1.sub.

Can someone please tell me how to properly burn these files onto a cd? I’ve already wasted like…3 cds…trying to burn these image files. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the following programs:
Fireburner 2.1.0

Here are my hardware specs:
Asus A7V
T-Bird 850mhz
Creative Labs 8x4x32x
Western Digital 40gb ATA100 7200rpm

These are CloneCD files. Use the latest CloneCD version if you’re having problems with the version you already used. The latest version is and can be obtained from


HOW do I burn it? Can you please give specific details?

For instance…I’m requesting STEP BY STEP newbie instructions.

Any help would be very appriciated. :slight_smile:

If this helps any…

I tried to burn the .img file with CloneCD. I wasted a cd.

First, I open up CloneCD. I went to “Write From File…”

I looked for my “unrealtournamentcd1.ccd” file. I clicked on Next.

For Write Speed, I picked 8x as the Max Speed. My drive writes CD-Rs at 8x.

For Write Mode, I chose RAW DAO (default). All the options below are not checked except for “Always close last session”.

I clicked Okay, it started burning. 15 minutes later, the trumpet wav file played. The burning was supposedly successful. I tried accessing the cd through “My Computer”. The CD properties say 690mb were used up but the cd is empty! There are no files on the cd when viewing through My Computer.

That is why I came here to ask for your help. :slight_smile:

There are few things that come to mind first did you create the images yourself or are they form a third party? If so then you are relying on the other person choosing the correct settings when the image was first read.such as read subchannel data from data & audio tracks was it selected. Are they for PC or PSX I find of PSX the settings don’t change from game to game (there maybe be others who disagree), PC can be a lot harder to crack. have you tried using a copy protection detector such as clony it’s very useful.


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Well I’m a bit confused by the fact that there’s no data on the disc after completing the burn process. Even if the person who created the image used wrong settings there still should be data visible on the disc after burning the image :confused:

I think there’s something else wrong here. Comp625 please post which hardware you’re using…

This CCD Image file I’ve been trying to burn, is from a 3rd party person. It is for PC, not PSX.

Here are step by step screenshots of what I did:

(Sorry if they’re extremely huge!)

What you also can do is unpack the image using ISObuster. When you do that, the functionallity of CCD will be lost and you’ll need a crack to play the game.

You can burn the files you got from the image using Nero. Burn the crack along, so it’s also on the cdr!

Hrmm well which “section” of the CD do I extract? Take a look at the screenshot. There’s like “CD, Session 1, Track 1, UT_GOTY_CD1, UT_GOTY_CD1 (2)”.

Also, when you right click to go to “Extract Session 1 Content”…what do you pick?

Extract User Data, .tao, .wav
Extract Raw but convert to User Data (
.tao, .wav)
Treat as Video ONLY, Extract but FILTER only M2F@ Mpeg video frames (
Extract RAW Data (2352 bytes/block) (
.bin, *.iso)