Need help burning an enhanced/mixed mode CD



hey guys… im sorry if this is the millionth time someone has asked this question but I didnt find any threads relating to this question of mine…

I need to make an audio cd and put mp3s as well on it (dont worry…all original audio made by moi)

So I have Nero 8 and used the mixed mode cd option but it puts the data as track 1. its an annoyance as the cd player obviously reads static for the first track and this beign a promo im making, i cant have that.

Is there a way of putting it as the last track in the cd?


The only way I’ve found to do this is to use Exact Audio Copy to write the audio portion. EAC has an option to burn an audio CD and leave the disk open, so you can add another session with data afterward.

Be aware that not all drives support this. Both of my DVD burners refuse to write an audio CD without closing the disk. I have to use one of my CD-RW drives if I want to create such a disk.