Need help burning a dvd

Bare with me b/c I know little about computers and this stuff…I have a samsung mini-dvd recorder. I have a mini-dvd in it and also an SD card wher eI can record on both. What I am trying to do is make a copy of the dvd that I record so I can send home to my parents. Do they make a daul burner that I can put the dvd in that i recorded and a blank dvd in to burn it on??? Secondly…I have recorded on the SD card and then transfered it to my computer and then have tried burning a dvd like that but when I burn it, it will not play on my xbox360 or a dvd player. It will play on a computer though. What am I doing wrong???

Tell us a bit about your computer. Make/model, operating system, burning program, brand of blank disks, if you know the manufacturer of your DVD burner. Does your DVD reader support the mini-disc? If so, you can just copy the files to your hard drive. You say you have them on an SD card and transferred to your computer. Do you know what the file extension is (avi, mov, mpg, etc)?