Need Help Burning a DVD



I am new to the entire process. I downloaded nero7 and shirk dvd. I put the dvd in the computer. Opened shrink dvd, then made a backup copy. WHat do I do next. I have tried using nero to make a copy. My friend said his computer prompts him to put in a blank dvd once the backup is complete. My computer never prompts me to do anything.


Hi ravekennel and Welcome to CDF:

The following thread is a step by step for what you are trying to do. The title is “DVD Shrink for Dummies”. It is not my title but the author’s and it is not meant to be insulting.

In order to increase your chance of success, always use quality media. The two most recommended brands are Verbatim and TY. I prefer Verbatim as it is available locally and their is usually a sale somewhere.