Need help burning a dvd with subtitles



I just downloaded a movie that came with subtitles on a separate file… a .txt. file. How do i burn a dvd so that it would include the subtitles in the movie. Thanks


What kind of file is it?


its a .avi file but the subtitles are in another file thats .txt. In the subtitles file, it is given like this:
Time: 00:01:50,400 --> 00:01:51,700
Translation: What’s the meaning of this check?


anyone? do i have to put the subtitles in myself? If so, how can i do this?


I have an avi that has subtitles in the with the extensions .sub and .idx (and a 3rd .sfv). I have no idea what I am doing. I can make the computer burn a DVD, but want the subtitles to go along on the DVD as well so I can watch it on my DVD player. Any ideas?

I am using Nero.
P.S. I am totally new to all of this. I think that the subs may be “forced subtitles” as they are on The Passion of the Christ. (haven’t seen it yet)


This is my problem as well… I need to recode an avi file and include *.sub files with it… Nero 7 doesn’t seem able to handle it, what do I do? Is there a better dvd burning software I should use?


ballahboy, those subs look like they are probably .srt format. Try renaming the .txt file to .srt. The .srt file must have exactly the same name as your .avi file before the extension. WinAVI and VisoXtoDVD both have support for .srt files to be added when converting. You can use BSplayer to check if your subtitles are working, just make sure they are in the same folder and the .srt is named exactly the same as the .avi.

David, .sub with and .idx is the VobSub format, and you need both the .sub and the .idx (the .sfv is something different, don’t worry about it). You will need to install VobSub. Use BSplayer to make sure the subtitles play and make sure they are named the same as your .avi file. I believe VisoXtoDVD supports these natively, and WinAVI will include them as long as VobSub loads them up and you have the preview window open when you convert (just to check and be on the safe side). I’m not sure, but WinAVI may natively support that format now, I’ve not checked myself. There are other converters that also handle various sub formats.

Authoring programs like DVDLab, can also allow you to include subtitles after conversion, but although I know of the feature I’ve not yet used it.


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A valid subtitle wouldn’t come in .txt format. I still haven’t seen a legal movie download featuring subtitles anyway.


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For everyone’s benefit, please remember that we cannot help with illegal downloads of copyrighted material, and that includes getting subtitles to work with them :cop:.