Need Help Burning A Dvd With Subtitles In Nerovission Express 3!

Hello everyone. I’m pretty new at burning and I use NeroVission Express 3 with the making of my DVD’s. Currently I have been trying to burn anime episodes with english subtitiles onto a DVD but everytime I watch it, the english subtitles are cut off. I have changed the aspect ratio in NeroVision Express 3 to 4:3 (they are also cut off), to automatic (also cut off) and 16:9 (picture is to small). When trying to burn it automatic, the project summary is:

Sample format: Automatic
Audio format: Automatic
Encoding mode: Fast Encoding (1-Pass)

Number of titles: 1

  1. Naruto - 002 (Video Title, 0h 23m 19s)
    Video mode: NTSC
    Aspect ratio: 4:3
    Quality: Standard play (5073 kbps)
    Resolution: 704 x 480 (D1)
    Audio SmartEncoding ratio: 0.0 %
    Video SmartEncoding ratio: 0.0 %

    Is there somehow to make the picture smaller so the english subtitles fit in but the overall picture fits the whole screen? Any help is greatly appreciated. I will try anything to make this thing work :slight_smile:

Can’t anyone help? :frowning:

I did some research and found out that if you put a black border around the episodes, then the black border will shrink instead of the subtitles. Does anyone have a tutorial on how exactly to do this?